The award, voted on by thousands of Canadians and an independent panel, is a reminder that eating healthy can be delicious.

Country Harvest® Everything Bread*— the first mainstream “everything” flavored bread to launch in the commercial bakery market in Canada — has another accolade to add to its list: category winner for Product of the Year, 2023.

The award, which was voted on by an independent panel and 4,000 Canadians, proves that Country Harvest® is continuing to set a new standard for taste and innovation. It’s also a tribute to the versatility and bold flavour profile of Country Harvest® Everything Bread*, which was inspired by the “everything” seasoning craze and a great reminder that something as simple as a sandwich can be a delicious, satisfying and healthy meal.

The Everything Bread’s* ability to deliver elevated meals at home has made it a favourite with consumers. The bread, which is made with whole grains, combines the amazing flavours of roasted garlic and savoury onion, and is topped with sesame and poppy seeds, quickly became a top-seller after hitting shelves last year. The Product of the Year seal will be proudly displayed on Country Harvest® Everything Bread* packaging beginning this spring.

Fun facts about “everything” seasoning:

  • It first skyrocketed in popularity as a topping for bagels. While its exact origin is unknown, “everything” seasoning has been linked back to a fairly simple idea– take all the leftover toppings used in single-season products, and load them onto a bagel. Country Harvest® was the first commercial bakery in Canada to recognize its potential for sliced bread.
  • The exact mix of ingredients can vary, but poppy seeds, sesame seeds (often toasted, and a variety of black and white), dried garlic, dried onion and salt are staples.
  • The unique spice blend has become a pantry staple in and of itself — people add it to everything from grilled chicken, to baked potatoes, even pasta, popcorn and sweet and salty desserts.

The product’s success has set the stage for the latest flavour innovation from Country Harvest®: an Herb & Garlic loaf, baked with fragrant herbs, roasted garlic and whole grains, which launched in stores last month.

For more information about the Product of the Year win, or the various ways you can use Country Harvest® Everything Bread*, please contact: Sara Lemmermeyer ([email protected]).[1]

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About Product of the Year

Product of the Year is the largest global consumer-voted award for product innovation, and has been running in Canada for 13 years.

[1] *Seasoned Multigrain Bread