Easy Ways to Make Country Harvest™ Part of Your Morning

Mornings are a way to implement a routine to help you make the most of your day. Waking up to sunlight makes getting up earlier much easier. Use your mornings as a time to reflect, decompress, write down your priorities and establish a routine to help you make the most of your day. Although getting up early can seem challenging, here are a few recipes along with tips to help improve your productivity and start your day on the right foot.

1. Breakfast Egg and Avocado Sandwich

Nothing says good morning like starting your day with a breakfast sandwich. This egg, bacon, avocado, and Country Harvest™ Everything bread sandwich recipe only takes 10 minutes and will help you start your day off on the right foot. 

Quickly cook bacon using your preferred technique (microwave, oven, or on the stove). Heat a frying pan, cooking two eggs scrambled, fried or sunny side up. At the same time, your eggs are cooking, place four pieces of everything bread in the toaster and slice your avocado in half. Mash your avocado in a small bowl adding salt, garlic powder, and a squeeze of lemon. Lay your toast on a flat surface, spread the avocado mash on two slices of toast, break the bacon in half, and place it onto the avocado. Add the egg on top. Feel free to add some cherry tomatoes or micro-greens to top off your quick and easy delicious bacon, egg, and avocado sandwich. Your family will be asking for this nourishing, tasty, sandwich weekly.


2. BLT Breakfast Triple Decker Sandwich

Weekends are a great time to slow down, enjoy your morning coffee with your family and make an unforgettable breakfast. The BLT isn’t just for lunch. This BLT Breakfast Triple Decker sandwich recipe is a Saturday or Sunday morning must. Nothing says it’s the weekend more than waking up to the smell of bacon. Start this recipe by cooking the bacon over medium heat until crispy then set aside. Using the same pan, crack both eggs and cook to your desired liking. While the eggs cook place slices of your favourite Country Harvest™, Ancient Grains & Red Fife in the toaster. Place toast on a flat surface and use mayonnaise or butter and spread evenly on four slices of bread, topped with cheese, lettuce, bacon, and tomato. Add sliced tomato, egg, and the final piece of bread. Cut in half and serve as is. This savoury sandwich will make your weekend mornings more than memorable.


3. Peanut Butter French toast

Some people love a savoury breakfast, while others prefer something a little sweeter. Whether you or your kids like savoury or sweet, it will be impossible to turn down this Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast recipe with maple syrup. All you need is Country Harvest™ NSA (no sugar added) White with Whole Grains bread, milk, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, flour, peanut butter, and maple syrup to top it off. This quick and easy 15- minute recipe will satisfy your sweet peanut butter craving.

Peanut Butter Stuffed French Toast


4. Kale and Mushroom Breakfast Sandwich

Are you craving some vegetables to start your morning off on a high note? Well, we have you covered. This delicious Kale and Mushroom Breakfast Sandwich with a Sriracha yogurt sauce is a perfect nourishing breakfast with a bit of added zip. All you have to do is heat a frying pan with a little olive oil; sauté the mushrooms until golden brown, and the kale is wilted. Remove the vegetables from the pan and crack in two eggs. While the eggs cook to your liking, combine a ¼ cup of plain yogurt with 2 tbsp. in a small bowl of Sriracha and mix well. Place two slices of toasted Country Harvest™ Ancient Grains & Red Fife Bread on a plate, spread the spicy yogurt sauce evenly on both pieces of bread, add kale & mushrooms, and top with your egg. Cut your sandwiches down the middle and serve. There is nothing better than starting your morning with some added greens.

Kale and Mushroom Breakfast Sandwich


Having a nutritious breakfast is a great way to start your day on a good note.

Another tip to starting off your morning in the right way is by taking a walk. Healthline recently shared an article that discusses the benefits of starting your day with a walk. “Studies show that adults who walk 30 minutes five days a week experience more energy, improved mood, mental clarity, reduced stress, lessened anxiety/depression, prevents fatigue, and helps you sleep better at night”. At first, getting into a morning routine may seem daunting, so start slowly. Start with one walk a day for 30 minutes and see how it makes you feel. It’s a great time to listen to podcasts, talk with a friend, meditate or listen to nature.

Morning walk in the city

The article from Healthline also notes that "aside from the endorphins, you will get from walking, getting outside first thing in the morning helps your body’s circadian rhythm". Cleveland Clinic wrote an article “that says that your circadian rhythm is the name given to your body’s 24-hour internal clock that controls your body’s sleep and wake cycles. Everything that goes on inside our bodies helps regulate hormones, the immune system, and digestion. Our organs run on a timing system that tells us when we need rest (i.e. sleep or when we have the energy to do more).

Whether you are a breakfast person or not, we hope these recipes will excite you and make you enjoy breakfast with your family. Switch things up and try and make the most of your mornings this summer with these four quick, easy, and delicious breakfast recipes.